About Petsgosmile

Petsgosmile develops and produces pet supplies. Not only consumers but also many pet factories have approached us. Many products are sold exclusively through us. We always try to think together with our customers and strengthen our vision in a win-win way.

A team of 15 people works intensively daily to handle your orders with care. And of course, we make every effort to get your order to you in perfect condition as soon as possible!

Our website is regularly updated so you can always choose the suitable product range and always provide your customers with the latest and correct service.

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Meet the team

PGS, it’s a supplier of all kinds of pet products.

We have been focusing on design, R&D, and production for a long time.

Compared with our counterparts on the market, we are more inclined to make products that are safer, more interactive, and more reassuring to use.


Our Factory

Our factory’s showroom, factory floor, packaging, workshop, laboratory, warehouse, etc.

All this is done for our customers to produce the best quality and the most competitively priced pet products.

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Our Mission

It’s all about your pets

What are pets’ favorites?

What do pets and families need?

How do make pets’ lives better?

We listen to the all people voice who care about pets and walk into pet life together with pet behavior experts.

Learn about pet behavior and psychology. And through technical research and product innovation.

Make their lives more comfortable and build more connections between people and pets.

Cover the world 80+

Multiple countries and regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

Cover the world 2000000+

Over 2000000+ families with pets are using PGS products.

Authentic Customer Reviews

We’ve been working with PGS for almost 3 years, the quality and service are very fabulous, and the price control policy allows me to not worry about malicious competition! but occasionally the delivery time needs to wait a little longer, especially during Merry Christmas.

John Law

Amazing services no matter before or after I purchase! will get a reply always within 12 hours or faster in call !! Lol

Danish khan

We never worry about the sales cuz they’ll make specific sales plan for us. even if we made the wrong decision and bought some products that don’t match our market. but their return policy is quite good for us, have no any pressure to work with PGS!

Edward Woo