Dog Chew Toy Manufacturer

Petsgosmile is a pet company that manufactures dog chew toys. Our company has been in business for over the years.

We have a wide variety of dog chew toys that are made from different materials such as rubber, nylon, and plastic. Pets Go Mile also offers various colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Our team can customize a dog chew toy perfect for your pet businesses.

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    Dogs Chew Toys

    The Best Dog Chew Toys For Your Business

    We manufacture only the best pet toys on the market:
    Best Quality; Best Design; Best Delivery Time.


    Make Unique Toys for Your Business

    Our company offers a variety of OEM and ODM services that can be used to make unique dog chew toys for your business.


    Custom Your Logo

    Make A Exquisite Logo

    toys oem manufacturer

    Customized Color

    Choose from Pantone Colors


    Make Your Own Color

    Petsgomile offers any color in Pantone.

    All you need to do is provide us with the Pantone code and we will take care of the rest.


    Create Your Unique Dog Chew Toys

    Pet businesses shall offer their customers unique dog chew toys that are not available in the market. We got it covered for you.

    Dogs Chew Toys

    Improve Toys Details

    We can specifically designed a safe and high-quality dog chew toy as per your requirements.

    nylon dogs toys with staggered jagged structure for foods rubber non toxic pets toys

    Create Your Toys

    Our team of experts is here to help you create the perfect dog chew toy for your business.


    Strong Box

    Our strong box packaging has a cardboard box that is lined with foam to protect the product from damage.


    Honeycomb Box

    The honeycomb box is made from cardboard that has a honeycomb structure. This type of packaging is for bulk orders and is perfect for storage and transportation.


    Take Stronger Packages

    Proper packaging is essential for dogs to chew toys as it helps to protect the product from damage during shipping. Petsgomile offers different packaging options that are safe and durable.


    4 Quality Inspections During Production Progress

    This is what we do when it comes to making wholesale Dog Chew Toys,

    and you’ll find our complete 4 inspections during the whole progress of wholesale Dog Chew Toys.

    Factory Workshop

    Buying Raw Material

    Petsgomile only uses safe and high-quality materials for our products. We have a strict quality control system in place to ensure that only the best materials are used.

    factory worker checking the stem toys


    Our expert staff will assemble the dog chew toy according to your specifications. After the product is assembled, our quality control team will inspect the product to ensure that it meets all the requirements.



    Our workers will pack the pet toys into the packaging that you have chosen. Once the product is packed, our quality control team will inspect the packaging to ensure that it is secure and free from damage.

    warehouse of ysgo toys factory

    Third-party inspection

    Our company allows third-party inspection of the products before they are shipped to our customers.

    Why Choose Petsgosmile

    Petsgosmile mission is to provide the highest quality dog chew toys that are safe for your pet and are made from durable materials. We want to make sure that our products can help your pet with their teething process and give them a fun toy to play with.

    Factory Workshop

    Factory Direct

    We have 10 years of experience manufacturing dog chew toys. Our factories are equipped with the latest technology and our products meet international safety standards.

    Factory Workshop

    Safe Product

    Petsgosmile only uses safe and high-quality materials for our products. Our pet toys are tested with CE and RoHS. The pet toys we produce are environmentally friendly and safe for your pet.


    Quality Control

    We do a complete product assessment during manufacturing and a second check prior to shipping. We may also accept customer-approved third-party inspections.

    Factory Workshop

    High Capacity

    We have four manufacturing lines and more than one hundred employees, and our annual production capacity is 2.9 million units. We can provide pet toys in a timely manner and capture each sales season.

    Needs Wholesale Dog Chew Toys?


    Our Clients

    Many customers appreciate the pleasure and high quality of our dog toys. We also have extensive OEM and ODM expertise to supply you with the best pet toys.

    Product Certifications

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are you manufacturer or trade company?

    We are a professional manufacturer company specializing in the production of pet toys with our own factory.

    2. May we customize our own logo, package, color etc?

    Yes, available for OEM & ODM.

    3. After we asked the quote,when can we get reply?

    You will get product specifications and price list within 10 hours by mail or call.

    4. What is your payment methods?

    T/T 30% as deposit, then 70% balance before shipping.

    5. What about delivery way?

    You may go by air or water, and we will advise you on the best option.

    6. What about MOQ and Warranty?

    MOQ depends on different models and it is negotiable 1-2 years for warranty, depending on different products.

    7. How do you ensure the quality of each product?

    We conduct two times of full inspections instead of random inspections before delivery.

    8. Do you have any price control system to ensure the profit of dealers

    Absolutely, for each agent including importers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, we got a different policy of product pricing to make sure we could protect all of you.

    9. May we visit your factory?

    Yes! You are very much welcome to visit us at any time, and we would like to show you around the facilities. If you cannot come and visit our factory, we also offer video meetings to show you the facilities and introduce our products.

    10. There are so many manufacturers in China, should we select you?

    An excellent and essential question.

    First and foremost, we are a company that really cares for pets, and our staff, including engineers and designers, have numerous puppies and cats, so we understand what is best for your “little babies.”

    Second, we are not simply a sales organization; we want to grow with all of our partners, which is why we have a pricing management system in place to prevent “price wars.” and we will see our agent each year before Covid to see if anything has to be adjusted that we can assist with.

    Third, we believe long-term customers should be kept by offering competitive rates and high quality. As we are confident in our goods and services, you may return any order made from PGS within one year for any reason.

    Wholesale Dog Chew Toys.

    From award-winning designers to creative entrepreneurs, we are all focused on delivering the best products, experiences, and services at the smartest value to our clients.

    We offer a range of services to suit both small and large companies, making sure each client receives a bespoke service tailored exactly to their business needs.

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