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best cat litter box

December 7, 2022

Figuring Out the Best Cat Litter Box For your Cat – Ultimate Tips

When it comes to picking the best cat litter box for your pet, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is size – make sure to get a box that is big enough for your cat to move around in. Some boxes are too small and can be uncomfortable or even dangerous for larger cats. You’ll also want to consider the type of litter box. There are a variety of different types available, from traditional boxes with a lid to enclosed boxes that keep the litter hidden. Some cats prefer one type over another, so it’s important to choose one that your cat will be comfortable using. Finally, you’ll want to think about the location of the box. It’s important that it be in a spot where your cat can comfortably access it, but also in a place where it won’t be disturbed. If you have more than one cat, you may need multiple boxes placed in different areas of the house. Don’t worry! In this blog post, we will discuss the ultimate tips for finding the perfect cat litter box for your pet. We’ll also provide some recommendations from top pet supply manufacturers that you can choose from to make sure your cat is as happy and comfortable as possible. So let’s get started!

The Different Types of Cat Litter Boxes

There are different types of cat litter boxes to choose from, so it’s important to understand the differences between them.

Traditional Cat Litter Box

The traditional box is probably the most common type, with a lid and easy access for your cat. These boxes are perfect for cats that don’t mind being visible while using them. However, they can be a bit messier than other options since the litter is not enclosed. You’ll also need to make sure to scoop out the clumped litter on a regular basis.

Enclosed is Cat Litter Box

Enclosed boxes are another popular option, as they keep the litter hidden from view and contain the mess. They typically have a flip-top lid that your cat can easily access, but the litter is tucked away inside. These boxes are great if your cat is a bit shy about using the box, or if you want to keep odors to a minimum. However, they do require more frequent scooping out of the clumped litter.

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

The newest type of cat litter box is the automatic kind. These boxes are equipped with sensors that detect when your cat enters and exits, automatically scooping out clumped litter after each use. They make life easier for pet parents, as there’s no need to keep track of scooping duties. However, these boxes can be quite expensive and may not work for cats that don’t like the noise or movement of the scooping mechanism.

What is The Best Litter Box for Your Cat?

best cat litter box A lot of it depends on your cat’s individual needs. Some cats may prefer the traditional box with a lid, while others might enjoy the privacy of an enclosed box. For those pet parents that don’t have time to keep up with scooping duties, an automatic litter box can be a great solution. Ultimately, you know your cat best and should choose the option that works for them. If you’re still unsure, it can be a good idea to purchase a few different types of boxes and let your cat decide which one they prefer. You can also try consulting a pet supply manufacturer for recommendations.

What to Look for in a Good Quality Litter Box?

best cat litter box When searching for a good quality litter box, there are some important factors to consider.

1) Size of the cat litter box

You’ll want to look for one that is big enough for your cat and made with durable materials. Cat litter box is commonly made from materials like plastic and metal, so make sure to choose one that is sturdy and won’t easily break.

2) Good pet supply manufacturer

Also, check the manufacturer’s reputation and read customer reviews if available. This can help you make sure that you’re purchasing a product that will last long and that your cat will enjoy.

3) Easy to maintain

Finally, make sure the box is easy to clean and maintain. Some boxes come with filters or other features that can help keep the litter box smelling fresh for longer.

The Top 5 Best-Selling Cat Litters on the Market Today

best cat litter box Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the different types and features of cat litter boxes, let’s take a look at some of the best-selling products on the market today.

1) Petsgosmile – Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Pets Go Smile is one of the reliable pet supply manufacturers of cat litter. This enclosed box is designed to contain odors and keep the mess inside. It comes with a flip-top lid for easy access, plus it has an anti-slip base to prevent your cat from making a mess when getting in and out.

2) ScoopFree Ultra Top-Entry Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter

With this modern, top-entry litter box, you won’t have to worry about any odorous maintenance. Litter crystals eliminate smells by absorbing liquid waste and dehydrating solid waste when your cat uses them. Next, a machine with a rake sweeps over the area, removing the trash from your line of sight and olfactory experience. It doesn’t need any scooping, cleaning, or refilling for weeks. To dispose of the disposable tray, just replace its cover. While the crystal litter is 99% track-free, an additional layer of protection is provided by the broad, grated surface of the top-entry hood.

3) Petmate – Giant Litter Pan

This litter pan is big enough to accommodate large cats. It also has a tall, curved lip to help keep litter and debris contained. Plus, it has a textured bottom to keep your cat from slipping when getting in and out of the box.

4) Nature’s Miracle – High-Sided Litter Box

This high-sided litter box has antimicrobial product protection to help reduce odors. Its high walls also keep litter messes and debris contained, making it great for households with multiple cats. Plus, it has an easy-access ramp for older cats or cats with joint pain.

How to Scoop a Kitty Litter Box Properly?

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for a cat litter box, let’s talk about proper scooping. Scooping a cat litter box when you are using a traditional or enclosed box is fairly straightforward. Make sure to use a pooper scooper or another scooping device, and empty the litter into a trash bin at least once a day. If you need a more comprehensive tutorial, check out this Youtube video from All About Cats: How to Clean Your Cat’s Litter Box (Everything You Need to Know) For automatic litter boxes, it’s best to read up on the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance and cleaning.


Now that you know the different types of cat litter boxes and which one might work best for your pet, it’s time to choose the ideal box. Remember to consider size, type, and location when selecting a litter box for your cat – these are key factors in finding the perfect litter box for both you and your cat. If you are looking for a reliable and high-end cat litter box, whether you are a cat owner or a pet business owner, Pets Go Smile is ready to serve you! Our professional team has years of experience in the pet industry and is committed to offering the best customer service and products. Start shopping now, and make sure to get the perfect litter box for your cat! Happy scooper-shopping!


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