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Congratulations on your new cat!

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re a lot of work. Before you bring your new cat home, you need to make sure you have all the cat supplies you need to take care of them.

Cat supplies are essential to cat care, and there are a few key items that you should always have on hand for your cat.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 cat supplies that you need when bringing home a cat.

1. A litter box and litter sand

cat supplies

You will need cat supplies when you bring your cat home. The most important cat supply is a litter box. You will also need cat litter to put in the box.

A cat litter box is what cats use to do their business. Cat litter sand is a cat-friendly material that absorbs cat urine and fecal matter, keeping your home fresh and clean.

There are a lot of cat litter boxes and cat litter sands available, so make sure to do your research and get the right cat supplies for your cat.

The cat litter box has different types such as hooded cat litter boxes and self-cleaning cat litter boxes.

A hooded cat litter box will keep cat odor contained and can help to reduce cat litter scattering. A self-cleaning cat litter box is great for busy cat owners as it eliminates the need to scoop cat litter daily.

You can also find cat litter sand with different fragrances so you can choose catnip-scented cat litter sand. To avoid stinking up, charcoal-scented cat litter sands are also available.

2. A food and water bowl

Your cat will need a place to eat and drink. Food and water bowls are cat supplies that you need to get.

There are cat food bowls designed specifically for cats and cat water bowls, both of which come in a variety of sizes and materials.

You can find cat food bowls made of stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic. Stainless steel cat food bowls are long-lasting and cat-friendly.

Ceramic cat food bowls are also great as they are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Plastic cat food bowls are the most affordable option but may need to be replaced often as they can become scratched or chewed on by cats.

Cat water bowls should also have a variety of sizes and materials to choose from. It is important to note that cat water bowls should not contain stagnant water as this can lead to cat health problems.

You can also find cat water bowls with filter systems that keep cat water fresh and clean at all times.

3. A scratching post

Cats love to scratch things. Scratching pads or scratching posts are one of the cat supplies that you need to get for the cat.

Scratching posts are designed to provide cats with a place to scratch so they can fulfill their natural urge without destroying your furniture.

You will find scratching pads and cat scratching posts in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes.

Sisal cat scratching posts are some of the most popular cat supplies for cat owners as they are durable and cats love them.

You can also find cat scratching posts made from carpet, cardboard, or even wood.

No matter which cat scratching post you choose, make sure it is sturdy and tall enough that your cat can stretch out when scratching on it.

4. Cat Toys

What’s a cat without cat toys? Cat toys are one of the essential cat supplies that you need to get for your cat when bringing them home.

Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes, from catnip-stuffed mice to laser pointers.

Interactive cat toys such as feather wands and cat tunnels are great for stimulating the cat’s mental and physical health.

According to Pam Johnson-Bennett, a renowned writer about cat behaviors, playtime for cats can boost cognitive function and decrease stress.

You can also find cat toys from a pet manufacturer that caters to cats with sensitive stomachs or cat allergies.

Organic cat toys made from natural materials are becoming more popular and they make great cat supplies for cat owners who want to provide their cats with the best products available.

You can also find cat toys that are easy to make at homes such as catnip-stuffed socks, catnip-filled paper balls, and cardboard boxes with holes cut in them.

These cat supplies will provide your cat with hours of entertainment and help to keep them active and healthy.

5. Grooming Supplies

In order to properly groom your cat, you will need some specific supplies.

Cat brushes, cat combs, cat nail clippers, and cat shampoo are some of the basic cat grooming supplies needed to keep your cat looking its best.

You can find cat brushes made from different materials such as plastic, metal, and rubber.

Metal cat combs are great for detangling a cat’s fur and removing any knots or mats. Cat nail clippers are used to trim cat nails in order to prevent scratching furniture or people.

Finally, cat shampoo is a must-have cat supply as it helps to keep your cat’s fur soft, shiny and healthy.

When choosing cat supplies for grooming, make sure to use cat-friendly products and avoid any product that contains fragrances or harsh chemicals.

These cat grooming supplies will help your cat stay looking good and feeling great.

6. Carrier

Cat carriers are necessary for safe transport, cat vet visits, or relocation of the cat.

You can find cat carriers in a variety of sizes, materials, and features.

Soft-sided cat carriers are some of the most popular cat supplies as they provide extra comfort for cats.

They are also easy to carry and store, making them ideal cat supplies for cat owners who travel frequently or have limited space at home.

Look for cat carriers with mesh panels that provide ventilation and a comfortable interior that can be lined with blankets or soft fabric.

You should also make sure the cat carrier has plenty of space for your cat to move around and turn, as well as a secure locking mechanism.

7. Flea and Tick Powder

Fleas and ticks are no fun for either you or your cat.

Flea and tick powders are cat supplies that can help protect your cat from these pesky parasites.

Look for cat flea and tick powders made with natural ingredients such as eugenol, lemon grass oil, neem oil, and citronella.

These cat supplies will help to keep your cat itch-free and comfortable.

You can also find cat flea and tick sprays that are easy to apply directly onto your cat’s fur.

8. Bed

Your cat will need a place to sleep. Get a bed that is comfortable and warm for your cat to curl up in.

Look for cat beds that are well-padded and soft but supportive enough to provide your cat with a comfortable sleep.

Some cat owners prefer cat beds made from natural fabrics such as cotton or wool as they provide extra warmth and comfort while being breathable.

If you are a pet business owner, you need to ensure that cat beds are made from cat-safe materials and not treated with any chemicals or dyes.

You can also find cat beds with a plush design that is perfect for cats who love to curl up and snooze.

9. Pet box deodorizer

A pet box deodorizer is used to refresh cat litter boxes and help keep the cat’s living area smelling fresh.

Try to choose cat products that use all-natural materials like baking soda, lemon juice, and aromatic oils. Using these items, you may provide your cat with a clean, pleasant-smelling environment to relax in.

You can also find cat deodorizers that are made from pet-friendly ingredients and will not harm your cat when used.

10. Treats

Cats love treats! There is no denying that cats will always come running for treats.

Look for cat treats that are all-natural and free from preservatives or other chemicals. You can find cat treats made from fish, chicken, beef, and even vegetables.

You should also look out for the calorie count of the cats. According to an article by Cat Health, giving too many cat treats can lead to health problems such as obesity.

Make sure cat treats have healthy ingredients that provide important vitamins and minerals for your cat’s well-being.

Cat treats are great cat supplies to reward your cat for good behavior or just when you want to give them a special treat.

11. Cat Collar

A collar is important for two reasons: identification and safety.

When a cat is wearing a collar, it is easier to identify the cat if it gets lost.

For your cat’s safety, you should only purchase cat supplies that are designed for cats and that can be adjusted to fit your cat’s neck size.

A collar with a breakaway feature is a must for cat owners.

These cat supplies will help in case your cat gets caught on something and prevents it from choking.

Make sure to look for cat collars that are made from lightweight, durable materials and have an adjustable length so you can adjust them to fit your cat’s neck size.

Final Thoughts

cat supplies

There you have it, the top 11 things you need when bringing home a new cat!

As a pet manufacturer, we understand the importance of having safe cat supplies.

All the cat supplies we mentioned above are a must-have for cat owners who want to provide the best care for their cats.

From cat food to cat collars, these cat supplies will help you give your cat the best home possible!

So make sure to get these cat supplies before bringing home your cat.  You and your cat will be glad you did!

Petsgosmile is a trusted pet manufacturer that can provide you with all of the cat supplies you need to keep your cat happy and healthy.

For more cat products, check out our online store for pet supplies for cats.

We’re sure you’ll find cat supplies that your cat will love! We hope this article has helped you in making the right choice when shopping for cat supplies. Happy pet-shopping!


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