6 Tips on How to Prevent Cat Litter from Tracking?

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March 23, 2023

Cats are beloved pets, but one of the more annoying aspects of feline ownership is dealing with the cat litter that inevitably tracks around your home.

Cat owners know all too well how frustrating it can be to constantly clean up after their cats’ messes.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or prevent cat litter tracking and keep your home looking neat and tidy.

From investing in a good mat to keeping the box clean, these tips will help you keep your floors free from unwanted kitty debris.

Additionally, using clumping litter instead of traditional clay-based varieties can also make cleanup easier and help contain particles as they’re tracked through your house.

With just a few simple changes, you can enjoy a cleaner home without having to worry about constant cleaning up after your pet’s messes!

Don’t Overstuff the Cat’s Litter Box

cat litter

One of the most important steps in preventing cat litter tracking is to make sure that you don’t overstuff your cat’s litter box.

When the cat litter box is too full, it can easily spill over and send litter flying all around your house. Additionally, cats may seek out other places to do their business if they don’t have enough room in the litter box.

This can lead to even more messes and tracking throughout your home. To avoid this, make sure you don’t overfill your cat’s litter box with more than two inches of litter and replace it regularly.

Invest in a Quality Litter Mat

Another great way to reduce cat litter tracking is to invest in a quality litter mat.

These mats are designed to trap particles of kitty litter that may escape from the box, allowing you to quickly and easily clean up after your pet.

You can find these mats in a variety of sizes and styles, so choose one that fits your needs. Additionally, make sure you regularly clean and maintain the mat to keep it free from debris.

Switch to Clumping Litter

Finally, switching to clumping litter can also help reduce cat litter tracking in your home.

Unlike traditional clay-based litter, clumping litter forms solid clumps when wet which makes them easier to scoop up and dispose of.

Moreover,  these clumps are also less likely to be tracked throughout your house, which means a tidier home for you and your pet.

Make Sure the Litter Box Is Always Clean

cat litter

In addition to all of these tips, one of the most effective ways of preventing cat litter tracking is to make sure that your cat’s litter box is always clean.

It’s important to scoop out the litter box daily and replace it with fresh litter at least once a week in order to keep odors at bay and reduce messes.

This also helps improve their health.

Frequently Sweep or Vacuum

Sweeping and vacuuming are essential tasks to keep your home clean and free from dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris.

Regularly sweeping or vacuuming will not only help you maintain a neat environment but can also improve the air quality of your home as well as reduce the risk of asthma or allergies in those living there.

Furthermore, frequent sweeping and vacuuming can extend the life span of carpets by removing particles that could otherwise cause them to wear out prematurely.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that these chores are part of your regular cleaning routine.

Try a Litter Box With a Top Opening

Finally, if you’re really looking to minimize the amount of litter that’s tracked throughout your home, consider investing in a litter box with a top opening.

These boxes are designed to contain messes better, as cats have to walk over the lid before exiting which helps limit the amount of litter that gets scattered around.

Advantages of Choosing the Right Litter Box

cat litter

There are so many advantages to taking the right precautions when it comes to preventing cat litter tracking.

Not only will you have a cleaner home, but you’ll also save money and time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning up after your pet.

Here are some of the best benefits of choosing the right litter box:

1. Reduced litter tracking

When cats have enough room to do their business in the litter box, it is less likely that they will track litter around your home.

This is because when a litter box is overfilled, cats may seek out other places to do their business and this can lead to even more messes and tracking throughout your house.

By investing in a quality litter mat or litter box with a top opening, you can reduce the amount of tracking in your home.

2. Improved air quality

Clumping litter forms solid clumps when wet which makes them easier to scoop up and dispose of. 

This means that odors are minimized and this leads to improved air quality for everyone in the house.

3. Save money

save money in cat litter

When you invest in the right litter box and accessories, it can save you time and money that would otherwise be spent cleaning up messes.

Not only will you have less to clean up, but you’ll also save on the cost of disposable litter boxes or other cleaning products.

4. More comfortable height for your cat

Cats prefer to do their business in a litter box that is the right height for them.

Investing in one with adjustable heights or a top opening can make it more comfortable for your pet and less likely that they will go elsewhere to do their business.

5. Non-absorbent, easy-to-clean surfaces inside the box

cat litter

When it comes to choosing the right litter box, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not it has surface materials that are non-absorbent and easy to clean.

Non-absorbent surfaces inside a litter box will help reduce odors, make cleaning easier, and extend the life of your cat’s litter.

Non-absorbent surfaces in a litter box are essential because they help prevent liquids from seeping into the material itself and damaging it over time.

This means that any urine or feces won’t be able to penetrate deep into the material which makes them much easier to clean up after each use.

In addition, these types of materials also tend to be more hygienic as bacteria aren’t able to grow on them as easily as other absorbent materials like fabric or foam padding would allow.

Furthermore, non-absorbent materials also help minimize odors since they don’t retain smells like some other porous substrates might do if exposed over time.

6. Special design features such as a hood or high walls may help reduce odor

In addition to non-absorbent surfaces, there are other features you can look for in a litter box that may help reduce odors.

For example, some boxes have hoods or high walls which can help contain smells in the box and keep them from spreading throughout your home.

Another option you may want to consider is investing in a self-cleaning litter box.

These are designed with compartments that regularly scoop out and contain the waste, which helps keep things clean and odors minimized.

How can Pets Go Smile Help Your Pet Business?

Choosing the right litter box is essential for keeping your home clean and odor-free.

Pets Go Smile has a variety of quality cat litter boxes that are designed with features to reduce tracking, improve air quality, save money on cleaning products, provide comfort to cats, and feature non-absorbent surfaces inside the box.

Investing in one of our high-quality litter boxes will help keep your pet’s business contained while also reducing messes around your house.

So if you’re looking for reliable pet supply manufacturers like us who offer durable and effective solutions for preventing cat litter from tracking, then look no further than Pets Go Smile!


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